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Japanese for travellers

Booked a holiday to Japan, but not able to speak (or just a little of) the language? Do you know that in Japan it is not always that easy to communicate in English? Make sure you can communicate adequately by taking the Japanese for travellers course run by NiCHiRAN in Amstelveen or by taking it online  so that you can confidently embark on your journey.

Introduction to the Japanese language

Japanese isn’t an easy language to master. But English more often than not does not get you very far in Japan.  How then can you make sure you will be able to enjoy your holiday or business trip in Japan without endlessly spending a lot of time and effort on a long course? That is where NiCHiRAN’s course Japanese for travellers/tourists comes in handy. At our language school in Amstelveen we help you to learn Japanese at an elementary level. By mastering the basics, you will manage to find your way about while on the road.

Although the course will not allow you to break through the language barrier completely, it will build a bridge. During the language course we shall cover various frequently occurring topics such as eating and drinking, public transport, and counting in Japanese. You will simply learn some basic Japanese words and sentences. Asking the way, ordering something or buying a train ticket won’t be a problem for you anymore.

Japanese culture

Many travellers talk about a culture shock after their return from a visit to Japan. That is not so hard to imagine – we are, after all, talking about the other side of the world. And that is why we also deal with the culture and habits of the people who live there. And of course we cannot skip some useful, worthwhile tips for the traveller. That way you will be thoroughly prepared for your trip to the East.

Add a registration for a NiCHiRAN course to your travel planning and use the Registration form to enroll. For more information you can always ring 085-8887126 or send a message by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. We look forward to helping you further.

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