Translating Japanese

Translating Japanese at NiCHiRAN

NiCHiRAN is not only the place for Japanese language teaching at all levels. It is also the place to be if you need a translation or an interpreter. We are there for you as an expert Japanese translation bureau. There is a reason why our motto says ‘Building a bridge between Japan and Holland’. Translating Japanese is something we are very willing to take off your hands.

Naturally translated texts

Japanese can indeed be a tough language. Certainly because of the enormous difference between the Japanese and Western (European) writing systems it is not a terribly good idea to create your own translations using Google Translate. Instead, revert to the expert translation services of NiCHiRAN. You can consult us about a wide variety of texts, from advertising slogans to academic essays. We offer the following services:

  • Translations Japanese – Dutch
  • Translations Japanese – English
  • Translations Dutch – Japanese
  • Translations Dutch – English
  • Translations English – Japanese
  • Translations English – Dutch

All texts are always carefully checked by native speakers so that you can be  certain of a flawless, natural text. In short: we are the ones to turn to if you are in need of a Japanese translation.

A Dutch/Japanese interpreter

Do you need a language expert on location? Translating Japanese is not the only thing NiCHiRAN can do for you. We can also arrange interpreters for you. Ideal when, for instance, you have a business appointment with Japanese people, are about to receive Japanese customers in your company or are to be a participant in a business meeting with Japanese counterparts. A native speaker who translates everything from one language into the other belongs to the many services we provide.

Are you looking for a translation bureau that can translate Japanese in a natural way? Then please contact us, Japans Taalonderwijs NiCHiRAN in Amstelveen, by ringing 085-8887126 or by using the contact form below. Get better at Japanese yourself? Then register for one of the language courses. We have a course for everyone, to suit every level.

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