Japanese for Beginners courses

Always felt curious about learning Japanese? But you don’t know where to start or how to tackle this? Completely understandable as Japanese is a language that is probably totally different to what you are used to. That is why we, at NiCHiRAN Japanese Language Centre, will make it easy and enjoyable for you with our Japanese for Beginners courses in Amstelveen. Whether you are interested in culture, besotted with manga or just keen on learning a beautiful new and challenging language: NiCHiRAN is where you need to be.

Full understanding from the start

Mastering a new language can be difficult enough. If the language in question is Japanese this applies even more so. It is, after all, not just about speaking another language but also about a completely different writing system and a totally different culture. Learning Japanese for Beginners is therefore more than just a matter of acquiring vocabulary and grammar.

During our beginners’ courses we treat all those aspects: writing, pronunciation, practical applications, habits, the cuisine, and so on. Having completed a course successfully, you will be able to introduce yourself, count, name food and drinks, ask useful questions and conduct a simple conversation. We have no fewer than six different courses for beginners and in addition advanced courses that enable you to continue to learn until you speak the language the way you want to!

Tip: Do you want to learn Japanese for a holiday or a business trip? May we then refer you to our page called Japanese for Travellers. That course will cost you less time and money but will give you a basic knowledge of both language and culture. Very useful!

Our Japanese language courses

Our courses are always taught by native speakers and Japanologists who will make sure that you learn the language properly and be given the right guidance. We use the ‘Marugoto textbooks and audio files. We also make use of exercises outside the text book, conversational materials and various tests. Please consult the Complete Course Overview for the exact content of every course we offer. Use the registration form to join! For more information you can always ring 085-8887126 or send a message by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. We would love to welcome you at NiCHiRAN in Amstelveen.

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