Dutch for Japanese citizens

Dutch language course for Japanese citizens

To live and work in The Netherlands it is useful, if not necessary, to know the language. In particular at work, communication is essential. Do you employ Japanese staff and would you like them to understand and speak Dutch properly? Then register them for a Dutch language course with NiCHiRAN in Amstelveen. Fast, easy and given by Japanese-speaking teachers.

Communication in the workplace

In the business world good, clear communication is essential for proper cooperation. This goes for both communication between employers and clients as well as for among colleagues. That is why it is so important that everyone have the company goals clearly in mind. That can be a hard task if you are dealing with employees from a variety of (language) backgrounds.

Learning Dutch is not a very easy thing to do, certainly not when the mother tongue is of a completely different nature. The contrast between Dutch and Japanese can serve as a perfect example here, not to mention the differences between business Dutch and business Japanese. Not only is there a significant difference in language but also in (business) culture. All the more reason, therefore, to offer your staff the proper (Dutch) language course.

Bridging the barrier

NiCHiRAN’s mission is to build a bridge between Japan and Holland. That entails that we do not only offer courses in Japanese for Dutch people, but also Dutch courses for Japanese people. All our teachers speak Japanese, which makes our courses easily accessible.

We can arrange for these courses to be given at our own classrooms in Amstelveen or as an in-company course at your own office. Both group lessons and private courses are possible. Do not hesitate to inform yourself about the possibilities for your company by contacting us, either by phone on 085-8887126, or by filling in the contact form at the bottom of this page. You can also choose to enroll using the Registration form.

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