Course for the JLPT

Japanese language course for the JLPT

Do you take part in the nihongo nōryoku shiken, the Japanese Language Proficiency Test? Then prepare yourself thoroughly for this by following a JLPT course in Amstelveen. Here at Japanese Taalonderwijs NiCHiRAN you enjoy professional guidance from native speakers and other experts. That way you can make sure you are ready to sit the exam!

Good preparation

Whereas before you had to travel to Düsseldorf or London to sit the JLPT test, you can nowadays do so in either Leiden or Leuven. This makes it a lot easier! But you do need quite some serious study time for this tough test. It would indeed be a shame if you undertook that journey without the longed for diploma at the end of it. NiCHiRAN’s JLPT-course aims at getting you ready for the exam.

At our language school you will always be guided by native speakers and/or specialised Japanologists. On top of that, our teachers know exactly what will be covered in a JLPT-exam and will focus on those aspects. That way you will avoid surprises at the exam since you will already have practiced all parts extensively!

Training for the JLPT N5 and N4

Although we do aim to teach for the JLPT N3, N2 and even N1 levels in the future, at this moment we only run courses or the N5 and N4 levels. These form the beginners’ segment of the already prestigious JLPT, which makes them suitable for both beginning and slightly advanced speakers. Knowledge of both hiragana and katakana is required – the lesson material (which we shall arrange for you, by the way) is all in Japanese and includes a fair number of kanji too. The practical information for this course reads as follows:

  • Where?: Japans Taalonderwijs NiCHiRAN,
  • When? September, January, April
  • How long? Fifteen 1½ -hour lessons
  • How much? €269 pp. (excluding the exam fee, for which you have to register yourself)

Do enroll for the JLPT-course directly by using the Registration form or ask for more information first. You can ring NiCHiRAN on 085-8887126. We would love to hear from and hope to be able to welcome you at our language school soon.

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