English for Japanese people

Learning English for Japanese people

Does your company have to deal with communication in English on a regular basis? Do you employ staff that have not yet mastered the English language? Then it’s time to enroll them in an English language course with Japanese Language Centre NiCHiRAN. Our teachers can make your employees’ experience of learning English a fun and easy one.

Learning Business English

Although becoming less of a problem in large urban areas, the English language can still pose a problem for Japanese people. It is, after all, a completely different language and culture from the one they are used to in their native country and on that requires a massive shift in attitude. Yet it is important that all your staff can communicate well with colleagues, managerial staff, customers and business partners. Good communication ensures good relations and good cooperation, essential components within every company.

Here at NiCHiRAN we strive to make the transition to a Western European company culture and its corresponding language a lot easier and more pleasant for your Japanese staff. The Business English course is run by teachers who have a good command of Japanese who will understand what the participants in the course need. Your employees will be able to take an active part in the workplace in English in no time at all.

In-company English language courses

Although an English language course is possible in our classrooms in Amstelveen, we can imagine it would not be that efficient for you and/or your staff to travel to and from our location. That is why we also offer the English language courses in-company on your own premises. Apart from that it is also possible to book these courses as private or group courses.

Have your Japanese employees study English? Do inform about the possibilities with NiCHiRAN by calling us at 085-8887126 or by sending a message using the form below. We shall happily tell you all about the classes and hope to welcome you and your staff soon.

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